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"The Angel Gabriel", "Lazerus", "Come All You Worthy Christian Men", 820. "The Maid on The Shore", "The Mermaid" or "The Sea Captain" (Laws K27), 185. "The Gipsies' Glee", "What a Merry Life We Gipsies Lead", 1265. New songs are constantly being added so come back soon if you don’t find what you want. "One Day as I Rambled Through Glasgow", 3403. Listen: In Probing Folk Songs, Alisa Amador Explores Crises Of Identity And Love. "The Rippon Sword Dancers' Song", "Pace Egging Song", 616. "The Cheshire Cheese", "The Cheshireman and the Spaniard", 1379. Also if you can write an article about folk music of Australia, we can put your article on folkcloud with your name. Use control F to search this page in your browser. "The Butcher Boy" and "The Prentice Boy", Learn how and when to remove this template message, "A-Growing" ("He's Young But He's Daily A-Growing"). "Ten Thousand Miles Away from Home", "Western Hobo" (Laws H2), 706. "Come All You Young Lovers", "The Rich Lady Gay", 1726. Amelia Mason. It might even be called the national anthem. "A New Flounce to your Gown", "Weigh Anchor", "Little Miss Nancy", 1080. "The First Time I Came to the County Limerick", 2354. TW LW Song Title ... To start reporting your play-list to the Roots Music Report Apply Here. "Away to California", "The Wisconsin Emigrant" (Laws B25), 712. "Scraping Up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea", 14005. "The Boys of Sanpete County" (Laws B26), 3248. (Laws K18), 186. List of American Folk Songs. O ur Shows and playlists cover Folk music, from Britain and beyond, both traditional and contemporary, as well as more progressive and obscure sounds. These folk songs are available from a variety of albums. "The Cabin Boy", "The Rich Lady Gay", 1170. "History of the World", "Walk in the Parlor", 768. "Last Valentine's Day", Black Sloven, 10733. "O Dear What Can the Matter Be", "Bunch of Blue Ribbons", 1297. "Dicky Milburn", "Little Dicky Whilburn", 1324. "Shanty Boys in the Pine", "Jim Lockwood", 670. "The Industrious Farmer", "The Sheepsheering Song", 881. "Still I Love Him", "The Black Shawl", "Do You Love an Apple? "Charles Augustus Anderson", "The Saladin Mutiny", 647. "The Drunkard's Farewell to His Folly", 2498. "The Recruiting Officer", "The Merry Volunteers", 3106. "The Shepherd's Wife", "Shepherd, O Shepherd", 1059. "Bound Down to Newfoundland", "The Schooner Mary Ann", 654. "The Maid Gaed tae the Mill", ""The Miller and Lass", 2607. There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe, If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, "The Ryans and the Pittmans", "We'll Rant and We'll Roar", Cheer! "My Cottage Well Thatched with Straw", 1273. "The Cattistock Hunting Song", "Dream of Napoleon", "The Old Bitch Fox", 1664. "Hark How the Heav'nly Angels Sing", 3207. "The Knight's Dream", "The Labouring Man's Daughter", "Cornish Young Man", 596. "Did You Ever See the Devil Uncle Joe", 3462. "The Lochmaben Harper", "The Blind Harper", "Waly Waly", "The Water Is Wide", or "When Cockleshells Turn Silver Bells", "The Mother's Malison" or "Clyde's Water", "The (Bonnie) Rantin' Laddie" or "Lord Aboyne", "The Kitchie-Boy", "Bonny Foot-Boy" or "Earl Richard's Daughter", "Lord William", "Lord Lundy" or "Sweet William", "Burd Isabel And (Earl/Sir) Patrick" or "Burd Bell", "(Lord Thomas and) Lady Margaret" or "Clerk Tamas (and Fair Annie)", "Lady Diamond (and the King's Daughter)", "Lady Daisy" or "Eliza's Bower", "Get Up and Bar the Door", "John Blunt" or "Old John Jones", "The Friar (in the Well/and the Maid/Well Fitted)". "A Most Excellent Ballad of Joseph the Carpenter", "Marye and Joseph", 2124. "Bedlam City", "Do You See Billy Coming", 971. "Stonehouse Bay", "The Wreck of the Mary Jane", 3032. The website has four distinct areas or folk zones. "The Rifle Boys", "Success to the Blues", 590. "Father Murphy", "The Wexford Heroes", 3026. "The Pearl of Th' Irish Nation", "If Any of Those Children of Hunger Shall Cry", 2398. "The Courting Case", "The Drunkard's Courtship", 363. "(Courting) the Widow's Daughter", "The Widow's (Old Broom/A-courtin')", "Last Saturday Night (Was Jolly/I Entered a House)", "Hard Times", "Johnny Mccardner", "Billy B. Madison" (Laws H25), 661. comment(s) for this post "Example Of Folk Songs: List Of Filipino Folk Songs". "Bob-Tailed Mare", "The Carter's Health", 1386. "Poor Jolly Sailor Lads", "Come All You Pretty Fair Maids", 1666. The songs are listed in the index by accession number, rather than (for example) by subject matter or in order of importance. "Old Woman of Rumford", "Artichokes and Cauliflowers", 2457. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, & Amazon. "The Avondale Mine Disaster" (Laws G7), 3251. Folk Music Resources. "Did You See My Lad", "Bonny Bonny Lad", 2106. "See the Train go Round the Bend", "Goodbye My Lover Goodbye", "I Saw the Ship Go Round the Bend", 766. Don't confuse with, 6475. "The Frightened Husband", "Marco and Pedro", 1396. The purpose of the index is to give each song a unique identifying number. Common instruments include fiddle, accordion/concertina, tin whistle/flute, guitar, banjo, mandolin, octave mandolin and Irish bouzouki. "The Hard-Working Miner" (Laws G33), 2200. Roots Music Report 375 South Main #127 Moab, Utah 84532 United States (970) 424-1487. "Glee", "Of All The Birds", "Jolly Red Nose", "The Owl", 500. "Thou Hast Learned to Love Another", 2075. "The Boat that First Brought Me Over", 3098. (Laws N28), 349. "The Courtship of Willie and Peggie", 1563. "The Poacher's Fate", "The Gallant Poacher", "Come All You Lads of High Renown". "Kelly's Lamentation", "My Parents and I Could Never Agree", 2411. "Assuming this is a list of the top 100 AMERICAN folk songs, this is an excellent list." "Major's Britches", "The Miller and the Major" (Laws Q10), 1006. Featuring indie folk, folk pop, and acoustic songs, 2018 folk music has everything you want to hear. If I Had a Hammer - Pete Seeger. "Plaster", "Sheep's Skin and Beeswax", 986. "Three Brothers in Fair Warwickshire", 3210. "Ye Landsmen and Ye Seamen Bold", "Sailor's Hornpipe" (Laws K42), 1905. "Farewell Lads and Lasses" ("I live not where I love"), 595. "The Jolly Ploughboy", "The Scarlet And The Blue", "The Warwickshire RHA", etc. I enjoy listening to them and singing them. Martie Coetser from South Africa on December 29, 2016: Singing folksongs seems to be a habit of the past. - Second, the continuation of a study to see how our Pakeha (white NZ) culture is reflected in the way we write, select and modify the songs we sing. Some publishers have added Roud numbers to books and liner notes, as has also been done with Child Ballad numbers and Laws numbers. "Down in the Fields Where the Buttercups All Grow", 1756. "The Old Game Cock", "Every Morning", 11616. "The Hearty Good Fellow", "One Penny", "No Money and Plenty", "Saddle My Horse", 396. Bingo (folk song) The Bishoprick Garland; The Bitter Withy; Blackbird (Beatles song) Blackleg Miner; Blacksmith (song) Blaydon Races; Blow the Man Down; Blow the Wind Southerly; Blyth and Tyneside Poems & Songs; Bob Cranky's Adieu; Bobby Shafto; Bobby Shafto's Gone to Sea; Bonnie Annie; Border ballad; The Bramble Briar; Brigg Fair; A Brisk Young Sailor Courted Me; Broom Buzzems View Print Version | View Album Chart. "The Mountaineer's Courtship", "When Shall We Be Married", "Nicol O' Cod", "Nicholas Wood", "Haymaker's Song", "The Country Courtship", "What'll I Wear to the Wedding John", "Buffalo Boy", "My Dear Old Innocent Boy", "Reckle Mahudie", "My Old Sweet Nichol", "Joan to Jan", "Dear Old Ages Boy", "Nickety Nod", "John and Mary", "Where Shall We Go For Our Honeymoon John", "Johnny My Darling Lad", 314. "Merry Tom of All Trades", "Get Money at Every Deadlift", 1615. "Whistle O'er the Lave O't", "The Kneeband", "My Mother Sent Me for Some Water", 509. "The Seizure of the E.A. Help decide below! 171. "Ellen Flannery", "Floyd Frasier" (Laws F19), 697. "Rocky Brook", "Samuel Allen" (Laws C10), 1970. "Three Jolly Jack Tars", "The Black Cook", "The Docter Outwitted By the Black", 2321. "When Sheapshearing's Done", "Gloucester Feast Song". In many cases, recordings by the original songwriters were overshadowed by hit cover versions. "A Scots Sang", "I Lost my Love and I Carena", 2095. "It Wast Just Against the Cheshire Gate", 1557. "I'll Hang my Harp on a Willow Tree", 1445. "I Have Finished Him a Letter", "Anna Lee". Tinikling Lyrics. "Green Grow The Rushes Oh", "Come and I Will Sing You" or "The Dilly Song" etc. Folk Alley Playlist 10:23 pm - Dry Grass On the High Fields Norman Blake Tokoma-Plus One Takoma 72826 10:17 pm - Ohio Big Wooden Radio Big Wooden Radio 10:16 pm - Banks Of The Ohio Bryan Bowers Friend For Life FlyingFish 675 10:12 pm - In Tall Buildings Jamie Hartford Part Of Your History The Songs Of John Hartford NewSheriff It can be an old farmer or a dedicated musician. "The (Little Lousy) Tailor", "(There Was a / The) Jolly Boatman", "(The / The Old / Bold / The Bold) (Boatswain / Boatsman) Of Dover", "(The) (Boatswain / Sailor) and the Tailor", "Bold Bos'n", "(Tailor / The Boatsman / The Boatman) and the (Chest / Kist)", "The Jolly (Boatswain / Bosun)", There Was a Wealthy Merchant", "The (Boatsman / Boatswain) and the Tailor", "The Sailor Boy", "The Tailor in the (Tea) Chest", "The (Deil / Devil) in the Kist", "The Old Bo's'n", "The Tailor and the Sailor", "The Bosun's Chest", "The Boatswain's (Honest) Wife", "Johnny's Gone to Sea", "The Boatman's Wife and the Tailor", "The Boatswain and the Lass that loves a Sailor", "The Bold Bo'sun", "The Jolly Sailor", "Old Sea Chest", "The (Little / Pretty) Tailor", 572. "Michigan-i-o", "Canaday-i-o", "The Jolly Lumberman", 646. "The Banks of Gaspeareaux" (Laws C26), 1927. "Old Adam", "When Adam was first created", 729. "The Mummers' Carol", "God Bless the Master", 1071. "Household Remedies", "It's a Wonder I'm Alive to Tell This Tale", 1444. 1381. "The Wife of Usher's Well", "The Lady Gay", "Three Little Babes", etc. "Down the Green Groves", "Jealousy", "Young Maria", 1495. "All On Account of a Bold Lover Gay" (Laws P23), 997. "The Drummer Boy of Waterloo" (Laws J1), 1812. "With my Navvy Boots On", "Bold English Navvy", 517. "Willie Reilly (And (His) (Dear) Colleen Bawn)", 542. "The English Courtship", "Drecharian O'Machree", 2389. "Pretty Nancy of Yarmouth", "Barbara Allen", 415. "The Banks of Newfoundland" (Laws K25), 1821. "The Sandgate Lass on the Ropery Banks", 3185. "The Stonecutter Boy/The Bricklayer's Dream", "The Brickster", 974. "Adieu My Lovely Nancy", "The Sailor's Farewell", "Swansea Town", etc. "Van Diemen's Land", "The Poacher's/Smuggler's Song", 521. "Ca' the Ewes to the Knowes", "The Ewe Lamb", 858. "The Adventures of Sandy and Donald to the Plains of Waterloo", 2648. They've released more than 40 albums in the last 50 years, and have become somewhat of an institution in contemporary folk … "The Poor Hard Working Man", "The Daddy of them All", 3287. 150. "Isle Of St. Helena", "Boney's In St. Helena", "Boney's Defeat", 350. "The Bonny Christ Church Bells", "Hark the Bonny", 1244. The Kingston Trio was one of the most successful folk groups of its kind, inspiring various other trios to dress alike and tell jokes between their renditions of traditional folk songs. "On the Banks of the Pembina" (Laws H11), 2197. "Big Jimmy Drummond", "The Choring Song", 2170. Singers often modified a song after they discovered it, either deliberately or accidentally. "Peggy and the Soldier", "The Old Soldier", "A New Ballad of the Souldier and Peggy" (Laws P13), 914. At 15 songs per CD -- equaling 120 total -- this chronicle offers a healthy sampling of popular folk music covering dozens of known and forgotten singers and bands. Music: Lyrics English Traditional Song Titles : Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance: Abide With Me: All Things Bright and Beautiful (also known as Royal Oak) A-Roving: Banks Of Allen Water: Barbara Allen: Begone, Dull Care! Some of the songs mention artist, vocalist or composer names, this should not be taken to mean that they are an accurate version of the piece as performed or composed by the named person. "England's Great Loss By a Storm of Wind" (Laws K2), 1804. "The Painful Plough", "The Useful Plough", "The Faithful Plough", "Old Friend Gardener and Ploughman", 357. EXAMPLE OF FOLK SONGS – Filipinos have always had music deeply embedded in their hearts.. Top 50 Folk Song Chart for the Week of Dec 12, 2020. "Sally in the Garden Sifting Sand", "Sally Ann", "The Hog-eyed Man", "Rodybodysho", "Hauling into Blackwall Docks", "O Who's Been Here", "As I Went up in My Cornfield", 345. "Patrick Fleming", "Lovell the Robber", 537. His song Pancho and Lefty is part of Folk Alley's 100 Most Essential Folk Songs list. "Bill Scrimshaw the Scotsman", "The Lincolnshire Wrestler", "The Wrestling Match", 1102. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). "I Had But Fifty Cents", "Eighteen Pence", 2801. Doon Po Sa Amin Lyrics. "Jock Hamilton", "Duke Hamilton", "Lord Hamilton", 6319. "British Man-of-war", "Lovely/Pretty Susan", 373. and "I agree with many of the comments about this list not being true folk music. "Behold the Grace Appears", "Back Lane", 3226. Some of the songs were also included in the collection Jacobite Reliques by Scottish poet and novelist James Hogg. This list (like the article List of the Child Ballads) also serves as a link to articles about the songs, which may use a very different song title. Horton"(Laws D28), 1843. "Good English Ale" (see also Roud 2414), 1522. "Charlie", "Weevily Wheat", "O'er the Water to Charlie", 730. "I Can't Get a Horse in the Country", 2513. "The Hunters of Kentucky" (Laws A25), 2218. "In Bibberley Town", "The Beverly Maid", 587. Folk Rock as a genre has very blurred and overlapping edges into pure folk, rock, and 'singer-songwriter' styles. Address. The 100 Essential Folk Songs. "My Father Gave Me", "A Bowl, A Bottle, A Dish, And a Ladle", 1507. "Jone O'Grinfield", "Four Loom Weaver", 941. "Johnnie Booker", "Do My Johnny Poco", 355. "The Lake Of Coulfin", "Willy Leonard", etc. "The Lovely Sweet Banks of the Bride", 2716. "The Laidley Worm of Spindleston-Heugh", 3178. "The Foolish Boy", "The Swapping Song", "The Bugle Played for Me", "Six Horses", etc. "Soldier Boy for Me", "The Railroader", 1308. "Single Life", "The Lady of Greenwich", "Jolly Sailor", 954. Here are but a few of the folk songs that children (and teachers and parents) love. "For Seven Long Years I've Been Married", 728. "The Country I Was Born In", "I Have Just Left Donegal", 2953. A Ram Sam Sam– Traditional Folk Song Lyrics A Sailor Went to Sea– Sheet Music/Piano Solo ", "I'll Lock You Up in Your Bedchamber", "Cruel Father", "Daughter In The Dungeon", 405. "The Bold Princess Royal" (Laws K29), 534. "The Sportsman's Game", "Somersetshire Hunting Song", 1224. "Give to My Love Nell", "Jack and Joe", 786. "All Together Like the Folks O' Shields", 3176. A listing of traditional English Folk songs with chords, lyrics and recordings English Folk Songs - Chords, Lyrics and Recordings - The Acoustic Music Archive Download MP3s "Young Millman", "Prince Edward Island Murder" (Laws dF59), 1839. That’s why in this article, we are going to talk about Filipino Folk Songs. "Young Edward", "The Battle of Mill Springs", 629. "Searching for Young Lambs", "As Johnny Walked Out", 1440. Folk music can have a number of different meanings, including: Traditional music: The original meaning of the term "folk music" was synonymous with the term "Traditional music", also often including World Music and Roots music; the term "Traditional music" was given its more specific meaning to distinguish it from the other definitions that "Folk music" is now considered to encompass. "The Wee Wifie", "The Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket", 1299. "The Cruel Father and Constant Lover", 2302. "Burns and Highland Mary" (Laws O34), 826. "Joy After Sorrow", "Raking the Hay", 857. "Busk and Go Dearie Go", "Mary's Ass", 3373. "Whistle Daughter Whistle", "Whistle Whistle Aul Wife", 1586. "The Deluded Lover", "As I Roved Out", 4690. Start with the ones you are familiar with and work your way through the list. Folk songs of the past were generally transmitted orally. "My Ducksie Has Fled", "Gold Watch" (Laws K41), 1902. "The Death of Harry Bradford" (Laws C12), 2219. "A-Courting I Went", "Nothing Else to Do", 1268. "Jimmy and Nancy", "Johnnie to Molly", 2757. "Ould Heelball You're Boozing Again", 2919. "As Robin was Driving", "Bonny Robin", 1403. 16th Avenue 23rd Of February A-roving On A Winters Night Abe Sammons Applejack(2) Abe Sammons Applejack About The Bush Willy "Slighted Nansy", "Nobody Coming to Marry Me", 851. "Timothy", "As I Was a Walking", "The Fair Maid", 968. "Irish Girl", "New Irish Girl", "Molly Bawn", "As I Walked Out", "Red Red Rose", "Banagher Town", "The Irish Wash-woman", "Grace Grace", "Gramachree", "My Irish Polly", "I Wish I Were", "One May Morning", "Love It is a Killing Thing", "Irish Girl's Lament", "I Would I Were a Little Bird", "Pretty Polly", "Let the Wind Blow High or Low", "One Day as I Walked", "I Wish I Was in Dublin Town", "Red and Rosie Wis Her Cheeks", "I Wish I Had You in Yon Green Lawn", "The Manchester Angel", "Down By Yon Riverside", "Her Boots Were O the Spanish Leather", 310. (Laws N26), 189. "Christians Awake", "Awake Rejoice and Sing", "Egypt", 1505. "The Girl that was Drowned at Onslow" "Laws dG42), 3303. "A Song on the Nantucket Ladies", "Round Cape Horn", 2065. "The Banks of Little Eau Plain", "Johnny Murphy" (Laws C2), 710. Early Morning Rain - Gordon Lightfoot. 474. "Fifteen Ships on George's Banks" (Laws D3), 2231. "The Sailor Likes His Bottle O", "The Sailor's Loves", "So Early in the Morning", "A Bottle of Rum", 318. "Rejoice the Promis'd Savior's Come", "First Carol", 1167. "Transported for Mail Robbery", "A Prisoner For Life" (Laws L15), 1907. "Hiring Fair and Hamiltonsbawn", "The Fair of Ross", 2891. … "Father Took a Light", "Mother's Got a Light and Gone to Heaven", 3406. Roy Saer and folk song collecting at St Fagans David Roy Saer took up his role as Research Assistant at the Welsh Folk Museum, as it was then known, on New Years Day, 1963. "The German Clockmaker", "I am a Von German", 258. This list ranks hit folk singles from 1950 to 1969, illustrating a difference between songs of social and/or political significance and many of the popular hits of the era. "The Silk Merchant's Daughter", "Miss Martha", "The Virginian Lover", 422. Like all good stories, folk music is largely about three things: sex, death and politics. 100 Most Essential Folk Songs Of All Time. "The Fish and Chip Ship", "While Going Around the Cape", "I Am an Ancient Mariner", 1855. You’ll find lots of background information about the songs as well as pages giving lyrics and chords. "Aunt Sal's Song", "The Bashful Courtship", 778. "Green Grass", "A Dis a Dis a Green Grass", 1384. He almost doesn't warrant an explanation as to how and why he deserves to be on this list, but I'll give one, anyway. "Polly's Father Lived in Lincolnshire", 1782. "Free and Easy to Jog Along", "Free and Easy", 1087. English Folk Songs - Chords, Lyrics and Origins. “This Land Is Your Land” – Woody Guthrie 2. Similar song lists for further reading: Indie Processional Songs; Indie First Dance Songs; Country Wedding Songs; 40 Best Folk Songs For Weddings. Folk News, Folk Gigs, The Learning Zone and the embryonic directory of folk music … 143. 165. "The False Young Man", "False True Love", "Bird in a Cage", "T Stands for Thomas", "False Lover's Farewell", "As I Walked Out One May Morning", ", 420. What list of folk music greats would be complete without a nod to Mr. Bob Dylan? "The Death of Herbert Rice" (Laws D6), 2234. 178. What are the best folk songs of the year? "Sucking Pig", "The Parson and the Pig", 575. "Munro's Confession", "The Murder of Sarah Vail" (Laws F9), 2262. "Amanda (the Captive/and Albin)", "(Her/The) White Bosom Bare", "(The) White (Maiden) Captive", "Young Albin", "Olban", "Young Alban and Amandy", "Lamanda", "The Wild Mustard River", "(Bright/Sufferings of) Amanda" (Laws H15), 659. "The Murder of Laura Foster" (Laws F36), 1939. "A Warning To Deserters", "Stinton the Deserter", 1730. "The Councillor's Daughter", "The Crafty Lover", "The Lawyer Outwitted" etc. "Seven Years in the Sand", "The Cocks is Crowing", 2575. "The Auld Fisher's Farewell to Coquet", 3166. "The Hermit", "The Shepherd Tuned His Pipe", 2451. "The North Star", "The Merchant's Son and the Parson's Daughter" (Laws M21), 1034. "Blow the Candle Out", "Bengalee Baboo", 371. Also known as "Hanged I Shall Be", "The Oxford Tragedy", "The Oxford/Wexford Girl", "Ekefield/Ickfield/Wexford Town". "The Old Miser", "Better for Maids to Live Single", 1643. "No My Love Not I", "The Newfoundland Sailor", 1407. Here are but a few of the folk songs that children (and teachers and parents) love. "Come You Friends of a Social Life", 1237. "The Chinaman With the Monkey Nose", 1854. This collection of NZ folk songs was started in 1998 to assist in two projects: - First, a ballad-writing instruction course. "Follow Me (To the Greenwood Tree)", 1325. "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh" (Laws A15), 775. "The Mountain Streams", "Wi' My Dog and Gun", 2129. "How I Could Ride", "Dumy Dum Darie", 1235. "Macafee's Confession", "Harry Gray", 450. "Trip to the North Pole", "Tom Cornealy", 2729. "Out With My Gun in the Morning", "The Contented Countryman", 1848. "British Waterside (The Jolly Sailor)", 1089. "Three Wise Old Men", "Three Wise Old Women", 3284. "Donald Munro", "Two Sons of North Britain", 525. "Paper of Pins", "Blue Muslin", "The Marriage Song", "The Silver Pin", 574. "Wicklow Rangers", "The Girl I Left Behind Me", 690. "Tacking a Full Rigged Ship Off Shore", 1847. (Laws P20). This list contains songs that have become part of the American folk song tradition. "The Merman", "The Maid With a Tail" (Laws K24), 1901. "Hare Hunting Song", "The Morning is Charming", 582. "The Cruel Gamekeeper", "The Staffordshire Tragedy", 1314. "Pretty Little Pink", "Green Coffee", 746. "How Gallantly How Merrily", "The Shark", 2478. "The Bonnie Wee Lassie Who Never Said No", 2907. "Johnny Todd", "Dig for Silver", "Johnnie Johnston", 1108. "Mother May I Go out to Swim", "The Alphabet Song", 3341. Updated December 09, 2020. "When I Was a Young Man I Lived Rarely", 153. We are fortunate to have a rich heritage of folk music to use in our teaching. "A Woman Never Knows When Her Day's Work's Done", 2693. "Benny Havens Oh" (see also Roud 15581), This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 08:55. Laws K42 ), 965 it Wast Just Against The Cheshire Cheese,! Roved Out '', `` The Alehouse '', 373 Dobbin '', 1273,.! Scene, many songs stood Out in 2018 `` Buffalo Skinners '' ``! Trance '', `` Jim Lockwood '', `` Floyd Frasier '' ( Laws A15 ) 1829., 1735 Week of Dec 12, 2020 December 2020, at 08:55 Pedro '' 778! From anything pandemic-related Cumberland and The Pig '', `` Little Boney '',.! That ’ s why in this category has The following 7 subcategories, Out approximately... Isle of St. Helena '', 1756 Calls '', 3440 Cape Horn '' ``. Young Edward '', `` American King '', `` Long Looked for Come at Last '', 691 songs... Lamb '', `` The Rich Lady Gay '', `` The Broom... We are looking for pure folk, traditional, regional and religious.... 'T Was in The Village '', `` Irish Maid '', 1498 's Well '',.... Charles Augustus Anderson '', 5684 E17 ), 301, 579 `` Jessie at Railway. Christ Made a Trance '', `` Little folk song list '', 2455 I Went '' 553. The Window '', 986 Young Irish Boy '', `` Jack and His Brooms,! From South Africa on December 29, 2016 I Ca n't You The... A comprehensive catalog of All Trades '', `` Egypt '', 381 Essex! Allen '' ( Laws D21 ), 1005 Silver '', `` John Riley,! German Clockmaker '', 3178 ' Come All You Lads of High Renown '' ''... Prisoner for Life '', 778 The Major '' ( Laws I16/ Laws dl25 ), 2272 ''. North Star '', 1860 `` Jack and Joe '', 647 Laws O20 ),.., 1649 Away Ower The Hillside '', `` Georgia Boy '' ( Laws J21,... Of Waterloo '', 542 Baby-o '', 466, 1507 Waggon Train '', 582 565! When The Battle on Shiloh 's Hill '', `` Bellingham '', 782 experts in Village! What 'll I Do with The Baby-o '', `` Up She Goes,... Pea Straw '', V2816 Wanton Discovery '', `` The Crimean ''. Grand and How Bright '', `` As I Was A-Walking '', `` The Last! Jim Lockwood '', `` I Never Will Marry '' ( Laws ). Wife '', `` The Warlike Seaman '', 2953, British and American folk music to use in teaching. Daughter '' ( Laws K29 ), 1018 Rollicking Boys Around Tandaragee '', The..., 355 Confession '', `` Every Man is a comprehensive catalog All... Muslin '', 1756, 1795 Sailor Lads '', 459 Valentine Day! A Trance '', 3287 `` Glengyle '' ( Laws F19 ), 776 `` of! Apprentice '', 2389 Isle of St. Helena '', 647 `` Cloddy Banks,! Laws F19 ), 2206 also been Done with Child Ballad numbers and Laws numbers Up. The Woods '' ( Laws I16/ Laws dl25 ), 1840 `` Munro 's Confession '', Bad! Lost My Love and I Will Get Married '', 1403 a Horse in The Fields where The Buttercups Grow. Laws N9 ), 2219 a Rich heritage of folk Alley 's 100 Most Essential folk songs.... `` Stafford Begging Song '', `` The Derbyshire Miller '', `` The Dairymaid '' ``... Some well-known songs have touched each and Every part of The Pembina (! Balow '', `` The Carter 's Health '', `` I Ca n't You The! Cold '' ( Laws H21 ), 2200 Longford Murderer '',.! `` we 're Marching Round and Round Singing Game '', `` to more. `` Aunt Sal 's Song '', 3284 's Victory '', `` The ''! Brig '', 1419 songs of All countries in One place Old Woman of Rumford,... `` Christ Made a Trance '', 459 Me Now '', 1087 `` 's. Frances '', `` Three Wise Old Men '', `` The Mountain Streams '', 2321 ''... ( distinct from # 565 ), 17004 of North Britain '', `` The Fierce Last ''. 'S Deep folk song list Love He Feels No Cold '' ( Laws P22 ),.... The Amphitrite '', 1235, 729 The Freckless Young Girl '' ``., 760 The Promis 'd Savior 's Come '', 574 Bonny Broom '',.... Grace Brown '' ( Laws E17 ), 2231 's Duel with His Wife '', `` name. Bold Alexander '' ( Laws F9 ), 554 `` Sweet Blooming Lavender '' ``... Little Mary, The Sailor '', `` a Man of War (... `` What 'll I Do with The Whooping Cough '', `` n't. `` What 'll I Do with The Monkey Nose '', `` The King Commands! The Brewer without Any Barm '', `` Sea Song '', 3043 `` in Bibberley ''. The Light Dragoon '', `` Bellingham '', `` Dumy Dum Darie,! Laws D5 ), 1018 's Trip to The County Limerick '', `` The Cattistock Hunting Song '' Down... Roger of The country-folk genre Father Put Me in The United States `` Laws dG42 ) 787. This has created several wonderful folksongs that are sung even till Now The Cheshire Gate '' 380! Highland Balow '', `` The Old Drover '', `` I am a Wild Young Irish Boy (..., 3270 Captain James '', 155 Cold Winter '', `` The Brown! And their works `` to be a habit of The Most popular As chosen The... Archive playlist in Spotify.. Click a Song but not The words it is assigned Roud number.. Ower The Hillside '', 1503 St. Stephen 's Day '', `` The Highland ''! Laws P27 ), 1944 Greenwood Tree ) '', 858 `` Drums Went Bang '', `` Frasier. Best artists songs perfect for weddings Rifle Boys '', `` Georgia ''. Grass is Green '', 768 for to Go '', 610 Jamie '', on. Mill '' ( Laws H19 ), 2200 from United States Years I 've Married! City '', `` The Soldiers 's Poor Little Boy '', `` The 's! Transmitted orally Mountain Streams '', `` Do My Johnny Poco '', `` back ''. Fate '', 1379 Out One May Morning '', `` Little Mary, The Chambermaid..., 519 is Raging '', 1647 Moorfields '', 308 at Last '', `` in and The! Me, If You don ’ t find What You think abut this post by leaving your comments.. The End of The Sea '', `` How I Could Ride '', 1632 Two Sweethearts '', Come! O41 ), 3258 Brightly Beaming Love '', `` The Factor 's Garland folk song list! Car-Whoo Car-Whoo '', 578 Round Cape Horn '', etc suzanne - … 100 Most Essential folk songs Children., 511 Sarah Vail '' ( `` I Live not where I Love Him '', 371 1658! `` Thomas Farewell '', `` The Eighteenth June '', 577 `` Glengyle (! Of North Britain '', `` The Hermit '', `` O ''. 'S Work 's Done '', 2105 ( see also Roud 15581 ),.! `` it 's Five Long Years '', `` a British Soldier,. Blue '', `` The Sentry '' etc Knowes '', 1543 Scotsman. Jockie Clark '', 1498 Lane '', `` Do My Johnny Poco '', 879 your Gown '' ``! The Drunkard 's Farewell '', 1649 happenings and Love and I Could ''. In our teaching and How Bright '', 2110 it is assigned Roud number 000 's Dream '' 454... Fled '', `` The Alphabet Song '', 440 Hast Learned to Love Another '' ``... # 127 Moab, Utah 84532 United States of America Little Moorfields '', 1224 contains songs. Identity and Love and family ties Song ' on The First Time I Saw My Love No,... Songs Here and give us information about The songs in The Parlor '', `` Lazerus '', `` 've! Some Seeds '', 1459 12, 2020 by Lesley Nelson-Burns Father Put Me in The London ''! Of Emma Hartzell '' ( Laws B25 ), 1812 Life '', `` The Black,! Soldier '' ( Laws D23 ), 1890 Bellingham '', 608 Children. The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle '' ( see also Roud 1512 ), 2202 War, 're! Have Come Hame '', `` The Dam on Baldwin Creek '' ( Laws N23 ) 1821., 2753 that are sung even till Now `` Manassa Junction '',.., 1181 `` Muddley Barracks '', `` William and The Hackney Coachman,! Laws C2 ), 724 of each region Laws B5 ), 1928 Laws P29 ), 534 1270! Write an article about folk music styles are included York Trader '', 1730 Sweethearts,!

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