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Quality Control

We Take Pride in Offering Superior Precision Manufacturing Quality Control

Precision Machining ServicesDual Machine Products is proud to have ISO 9000 certification.  As experts in precision manufacturing we always ensure that our products are manufactured to the strictest quality control standards.

Strictest Standards for CNC Machining Services

At Dual Machine Products we have strict standards for CNC Machining Services.  Our quality control programs mean that we:

  • Pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the products we manufacture are of the highest quality and precision
  • Work to ensure that not only our own quality control requirements are met, but your own as well

Contact us for more information about our quality control certification and programs.  Or, if you have a design in mind that you’d like us to go over with you feel free to request a quote today.  We are confident that you’ll be impressed with our precision manufacturing services.