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The Best CNC Machine Shop for the Industrial Industry

Industrial Precision Machining Dual Machine Products is proud to host the best CNC machine shop for the industry.  We are experts in custom CNC machining and host a state-of-the art facility with up-to-date, modern production equipment. In fact we have more than 100 diversified high production machines and a full secondary operation assembly, which allows us to create unique, delicate and complicated parts and assemblies for industrial applications.

A Precision Machine Shop Designed for Your Unique Specifications

Our precision machine shop is a cutting edge facility designed to meet the unique specifications of our clients.  Not only are we equipped with a range of diversified machines and a full secondary operation, we also employ an experienced and talented team of tool makers who produce all our specialized tooling needs in house.  This means that we can complete any type of precision manufacturing job quickly and accurately, allowing us to do much more than average machine shops.

Whether the parts and assemblies you need are simple or complex we can help. Contact us to learn more about our CNC Machine Shop or send us your design and specifications for a complimentary quote.