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Our State-of-the-Art CNC Machine Shop Manufactures Precision Parts for the Automotive Industry

Dual Machine Products offers custom machining and manufacturing of precision turned screw machine parts for a number of different industries, including the automotive industry. Our state-of-the-art CNC machine shop allows us to manufacture precision parts for your unique designs and specifications.

We Offer More than Most CNC Machine Shops

Our custom CNC machine shop is unique because we manufacture custom products and assemblies based on the designs and specifications you provide.  Our production facilities allow us to customize manufacturing to meet our client’s needs.  With over 100 diversified high production machines we manufacture a number of simple, complex and delicate parts and assemblies.

Unique Machine Shop Services

Our machine shop services are unique for a number of reasons:

  • Our tooling is produced in house by our own team of experienced tool makers, which means that we can respond quickly and accurately to your production needs
  • We operate a full secondary operation and assembly where we can customize parts and assemblies under the strictest quality control standards

Dual Machine Products is proud to carry ISO 9001-2008 certification.  We are known as a CNC machine shop that is committed to quality control and dedicated to customer service. Our high quality, experienced and customized manufacturing of precision turned screw parts and assemblies has allowed us to grow our presence in the Canadian and U.S. markets.  Contact us for more information about the services we offer or request a quote today to discuss your specific design specifications.