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Equipment Designed to Create Precision Parts

Dual Machine Products uses only the top-of-the line equipment to create precision parts for our customers.  We have over 100 diversified, high production machines including CNC, CAM and Automatic Screw Machines.

High Quality Precision Machining Services

Dual Machine Products specializes in offering high quality precision machining services to our clients. Our cutting edge production facilities allow for milling, turning and precision turned screw parts. In addition, we also have a full secondary operation and assembly, which means that we can create the most delicate, high tech and complex parts that a machine alone can’t create.

Precision Experts

Precision Parts Machining At Dual Machine we are experts in the manufacturing and assembly of precision parts. Our modern production facilities allow us to meet the unique specifications and designs of a variety of clients from a number of different industries.  We can complete any type of precision machining job from the simplest to the most complex.

We are an ISO 9001-2008 company and we pride ourselves on our superior quality control and meticulous attention to detail which ensures quality and precision partsRequest a quote today or contact us to learn more about how we can meet your individual specifications. Or, for more industry information consider visiting our blog.


1 Fortune VT-Plus 15 1 ½” diameter bar capacity CNC Turning Center
1 Solvent Recycling Still11Solvent Recycling Still
2 Hyundai high speed tap mill center Model-SPT-T30
1 Kent Surface Grinder
1 Jones & Lamson optical Comparator
2 Hyundai 1 5/8″ CNC Lathe
4 1/2″ Diameter Capacity Automatic Screw Machines (Brown & Sharpe)
4 3/4″ Diameter Capacity Automatic Screw Machines (Brown & Sharpe) (With automatic bar feeds, transfer slotting & deburring units)
3 1 5/8″ Diameter Capacity Automatic Screw Machines (Brown & Sharpe)
1 2″ Diameter Capacity Automatic Screw Machine (Brown & Sharpe)
1 1 5/16″ Diameter Capacity CNC Lathe (Miyano)
1 1 5/8″ Diameter Capacity CNC Lathe (Miyano)
3 3/4″ Citizen Swiss type CNC Automatic Screw Machine, live tooling and bar loader
2 1/2″ Citizen Swiss type CNC Automatic Screw Machine, live tooling and bar loader
6 Davenport Multi Spindle Screw Machines (oversized)
1 TSV 21 Miyano CNC 10 Station Vertical Machining Centres
1 Fadal 20 Station Vertical Machining Centre
1 Hyund SPT-T-30 Vertical Machine Centres
2 2″ Diameter Capacity Turret Lathes (to 8″ chucking)
2 1 1/16″ Diameter Capacity Turret Lathes (Brown & Sharpe)
4 1 1/16″ Diameter Capacity Wire Feed Turret Lathes (Hardinge)
1 Vertical Milling Machine
5 Horizontal Milling Machines
4 Turret Type Drilling & Tapping Machines – 6 Station Burgmaster
15 Drill Presses – Air feed on some
1 6 Head Drill Press
1 Drilling Machine – Automatic Magazine Loading
6 Arbour Presses
1 Small Air Press – Stamping, Crimping, etc.
1 Hydraulic Press 10 Ton
1 Cut-off Band Saw
1 Vertical Band Saw 20″
1 16″ Dual Head Disc Sander
1 Vibratory Tumbler
1 Rotary Table Brazing Machine – Silver Soldering
1 Vapour Degreaser
1 Kodak Comparator
1 Jones Lamson 10X to 100X Optical Comparitor
2 Shadow Master 10X Comparator
1 Mitutoyo Surftest
1 15 Ton Blow Punch Press
1 Thread-o-matic Bar End Machine
1 Hyster Lift Truck 4,000 lb Electric
1 Chip Spinner
2 Boyer Schultz Surface Grinders
1 Solvent Recycling Still
2 5th Axis Indexing Heads
1 Hanwha 1 1/2’”diameter bar capacity Swiss Type CNC Turning Centre with live tooling and bar loader
1 Hyundai-Kia 2 ½” diameter bar capacity high performance turning centre with live tools and sub spindle